Trabajo Nocturno

Trabajo Nocturno

Osiris Ramos, Fides Ediciones

About the project

There were 8 stories in all, I looked to find a common theme amongst all of them and what I found is that she often reflects on the messy fragility of both corporal and mental health and so I decided to choose an image that display a very literal vulnerability (the open body) with a more metaphorical vulnerability (the flowers) and the blood splatter that rests perfectly over the heart.

The author wanted to create a kind of tragic violence fraught with beauty which is a common theme throughout Mexican art and literature. I was greatly inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo but had to find a way to create the same feeling and colour palette as her paintings without drawing on her style too much and without the self-portrait aspect because the characters in the stories ranged from deeply intimate at times to extremely cold and impersonal at other times. This is why we chose flowers and blood and the open almost anatomical body for the front page imagery.

The brand

Logo & Book Cover Art

I began by working with the author, Osiris, to create a word-mark for the title of the book. She explained that it was a complicated collection of stories that had both extreme fragility and at times a very cold and removed narrative. I chose to represent that in a blocky sans-serif font that was also slightly degraded to represent the cold, yet weary aspect of the stories and the slightly thick cursive to represent the fragility without making it feel weak the way that the fragility in the stories is represented as a kind of strength in and of itself.

The book was targeted for the Mexican market so I did some research and consulted the author and came up with powerful strong imagery that was also colourful.

Responsive Design

Desktop & Mobile Design